Success Story

Tania dreams to become successful in her life

Tania Akter (17) is a trainee of UCEP Mirpur Technical School under Garments Finishing and Quality Control occupation. Her training period is from January to June 2017. Tania’s family is in very vulnerable situation now as her father died 7 months back due to blood cancer leaving her mother and 2 younger brothers at village home. Her mother earns taka 1500 per month by tailoring to run the expense of the family. Financial insolvency was their acute problem even when her father was alive as he earned very little by working as carpenter. So, at the age of 5, Tania came to Dhaka with her maternal uncle who later helped her to continue her education. After passing SSC examination in 2016, she was admitted in UCEP Mirpur Technical School by her uncle. They came to know about UCEP program from one of Tania’s cousin who took training from Mobile Phone Servicing occupation. In June 2017, Tania will complete her training and will be placed into employment by UCEP Job placement team son after completion of training. Tania earns taka 1000 per month by doing tuition to arrange her pocket money.

UCEP’s training has already changed Tania’s way of thinking about life. After completion of her SSC, she thought that she could not get a better job with this level of education and she did not have the financial condition to take higher education in general line. But UCEP opened her a new scope of taking technical education and opportunity of better employment in short period of time. Moreover, she was informed from UCEP that she did not need to pay for her training and employment support as this would be sponsored by C&A Foundation. Nothing could be more attractive to her than this opportunity to have a free technical training with employment support. This opportunity has definitely changed Tania’s life as well as her family’s future.